A Discord webhook proxy, primarily for Roblox games.


Why use WebhookProxy?

Easy to Integrate

Simply replace discord.com with webhook.lewisakura.moe in your webhook URL when sending. That's it.

Tried and Tested

Proudly served some amount of unique webhooks and a lot of requests.

Kept Up

The proxy will be kept online, even if Discord brings webhooks back for Roblox. We aren't going to break all of your code on a whim. If it's offline, berate me on the DevForum!

Complies with ToS

Whilst there have been worries over proxies in the past, WebhookProxy is built to comply to the Discord terms of service by enforcing ratelimits itself and having other anti-abuse measures. Also, it has been previously stated that this sort of thing is okay by Discord staff.

Optional Ratelimit Handling

Using POST /api/webhooks/:id/:token/queue, you can optionally stop writing ratelimit code by hand over and over. With a highly generous soft ratelimit of 10/1s, your messages are guaranteed to be sent no matter what, even if you go over Discord's ratelimit. We'll handle it.

Please respect Discord ratelimits. If you do not respect ratelimits, your webhooks will be slowed down (which can cause long yield times) or blocked completely. This is 5 requests per 2 seconds.

Whilst ratelimits are enforced by the proxy itself (so it won't spam Discord), it is not an excuse to start spamming the proxy. Respect ratelimits in your code.

Invalid data (e.g., Discord would return status code 400 if you sent it) will trigger a harsher ratelimit. Validate your data before sending.